Top Business Feed posts of 2017

December 31, 2017

Learn more about SunPower’s long-term solar solutions



Gears representing all the work that went into the SunPower Business Feed in 2017Heading into our third calendar year of publishing, we continue our annual tradition of looking back on the previous year to highlight our most popular and best-performing posts. With over 100 pieces published in 2017, selecting the best was no small feat. But it was, for certain, a labor of love. 

The following represents the top posts for each of five different content types: articles, infographics, lists, podcasts and videos. We hope you enjoy reading/listening to/watching these as much as we did creating them. Happy New Year from everyone at the SunPower Business Feed. 

5. PODCAST: Learn about commercial solar battery storage systems
This conversation with subject matter expert, Chris Elias, will help you understand when solar battery storage is a viable solution, as well as how it helps organizations save money. 

4. ARTICLE: 5 misconceptions about the effects of weather on solar panel installations
This informative article sheds light on the most common misunderstandings about how commercial solar performs (or doesn’t perform) in extreme weather conditions. 

3. INFOGRAPHIC: The triple bottom line: A sustainable model for success

Our easy-to-follow infographic defines the triple bottom line (TBL) and explains how businesses are using it to measure their successes more holistically.

2. VIDEO: Learn about solar carports and solar canopies
This short-but-informative video explains how solar carports offer features beyond long-term energy savings, making them an increasingly popular type of onsite commercial solar installation.

1. LIST: 6 factors affecting the cost of solar for your business that you may not know about
Our list will help you understand what you’ll truly pay for (and save with) commercial solar, which requires looking at more than just the obvious factors (like system costs or lease/PPA payments). 


Learn more about SunPower’s long-term solar solutions


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