June 2019 Commercial Dealer Update


SunPower Ranked One of Three Top Energy Stocks to Buy... Renova Energy Installs SunPower® Helix at World's First Destination Porsche... 4 Great Ways to Use Your Soon-to-Expire Dealer Program Funds...

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SunPower Ranked One of Three Top Energy Stocks to Buy

SunPower Corporate HQThe Motley Fool, long-established advisor to individual investors, recently ranked SunPower as one of three top energy stocks to buy right now. Citing SunPower’s unique differentiation among solar providers, The Fool likes what they’ve seen of late and believes SunPower has a leading role to play in a segment of the industry with “a bright future.”

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A Window of Opportunity Is Closing for Your Customers

Time is running out for your customers to take advantage of the full 30% solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC). 

Use this helpful and easy-to-understand infographic from the SunPower Business Feed to help drive them to a decision so you can close the deal. It’s a great overview of the solar ITC and the impending step-down in 2020—including a timeline that illustrates why they need to start now!

Time is also running out to register for our fast-approaching, highly anticipated webinar, ITC Step-down for Commercial Projects, this Thursday, June 27 at 11:00 a.m. PT. Join John Marciano, independent tax law professional, to learn the ins and outs of this very nuanced and important issue. See additional webinar details below. 

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Renova Energy Installs SunPower at World’s First Destination Porsche

Porsche dealershipPorsche’s first Destination Porsche concept building has been constructed in Palm Springs, California, and SunPower Elite Dealer Renova Energy was selected to install a Helix® Roof system to help power it into the future. 

This Porsche dealership is one of many auto dealers nationwide saving money and charging electric vehicle fleets with SunPower solar. Kudos to Renova Energy for this flawless design and installation. 

If you have a newsworthy project in the works, let us know. We love supporting our Dealers by leveraging our relationships with the press and through social media as well. Just email pr@sunpower.com and we can explore the possibilities together.

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Products & Solutions

Understanding Energy Storage and SunPower’s Helix® Storage Solution

Energy Storage IconsEducating your customers and even your own team about energy storage—and when it can be an energy cost-saving solution—can sometimes seem complex. SunPower’s Energy Storage 101 is here to help. It’s a great primer on how energy storage works synergistically with solar and it explains some of the more common scenarios where storage can save customers significant amounts of money. Use this infographic to connect with prospects and existing customers—and start the process of closing some storage deals. 

When you’re ready to get up to speed on the SunPower® Helix® Storage solution, invest 50 minutes to watch this recent webinar on the solution—including how it works, the customer value proposition, and competitive positioning. It even explains how to determine whether a given site is a good candidate for energy storage. 

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Marketing Power

Act Now! Dealer Program Funds Expire 6/30/19

Cell Break KitYou only have a few days left to use your Dealer Program Funds (DPF) before they expire at the end of June. Here are some great ways to utilize them:

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Putting Our Marketing Dollars to Work for You

SunPower will be running a commercial digital campaign pilot this summer in these seven states:

  • California
  • Illinois
  • Massachusetts
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Connecticut
  • Maryland

This test campaign will include paid search, banner ads, and promoted LinkedIn posts. The goals are to grow SunPower brand awareness in these key areas and drive leads for our Commercial Dealers. 

If you are in one of these target markets, keep an eye out for our ads!

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Visit the SunPower Business Feed

SunPower® Commercial Sales Workshop

Classroom TrainingDo you like winning deals? We thought so. Our in-depth Commercial Sales Workshop will build your knowledge and hone your selling skills—enabling you to close deals faster and more frequently. 

These live training sessions are led by our Regional Sales Managers. You’ll learn how to better qualify leads, form a commercial sales strategy, overcome objections, build winning proposals, and more.

Classroom sessions are offered in these locations:

August 20–21 SunPower Offices, Richmond, CA Dave Larson, Regional Sales Manager ENROLL
October 8–9 New Brunswick, NJ Peter Braun, Regional Sales Manager ENROLL
October 16–17 Waikiki, HI Dave Larson, Regional Sales Manager ENROLL

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Additional Courses Available

Winning Customer Conversations

The system and techniques taught in this course will change your approach, language, and writing while elevating the quality and effectiveness of your customer interactions.

This 1-day class includes interactive exercises with coaching, workbook, and reference cards on the techniques, and an 8-week online coaching program.

Cost: $995 per person per class

September 17 Glastonbury, CT ENROLL
September 27 Salt Lake City, UT ENROLL

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"Great key points that focus on letting the business owner feel they are getting a great product and professional installation."
- SunPower Dealer Attendee


Helix® Roof Onsite Installation Training

Give yourself and your crew hands-on experience with our Helix Roof solution during this onsite, instructor-led training. 

You’ll be exposed to all aspects of Helix Roof—including system components and installation best practices—to help ensure a safe, efficient build. Get project management, design interpretation, roof layout, mounting system installation, ballasting, array wiring, module installation, power station installation and wiring, system commissioning, monitoring, and O&M—all covered in meticulous real-world detail. In addition, we’ll review the NEC codes and certifications relevant to Helix Roof, as well as any project-specific considerations. 

Enroll today by contacting your RSM or logging into SunPower University.

  • Maximum number of attendees: 15
  • Cost: $1495 for the 1-day course or $2495 for the 2-day course
  • Dealer Program Funds accepted

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To help you better understand an incredibly complex yet very relevant issue—the solar ITC—SunPower has retained independent tax law professional, John Marciano, to deliver an exclusive webinar for our Commercial Dealers only: 

  • ITC Step-Down for Commercial Projects
    Thursday, June 27 at 11:00 a.m. PT

Attendees will learn the details of the upcoming ITC step-down and how it will affect their commercial solar projects—ongoing and upcoming. Be sure to bring your questions, because we plan to leave time for Q&A. Register today!

If you can’t make it, don’t worry. Like all our webinars, it will be recorded and made available at SunPower University. Here are our some other on-demand sessions currently available:

Standardized Helix Carports Get Competitive! VIEW
Add Value to Your Proposal by Highlighting SunPower’s EnergyLink Monitoring Software VIEW
Commercial Financing Options for Your Projects VIEW
Helix Storage—Finding the Best Opportunities to Increase Your Customer’s Electricity Savings VIEW
Improvements to the Helix Roof Offering (Module, Inverter, and MLSD options) VIEW
Construction Financing Program – Placing Your Commercial Order without Credit Impact VIEW
Helix Design Studio for Your Internal Design Teams—Now Including Helix Carport Quick Layouts! VIEW
Using Energy Toolbase to Prepare Your Commercial Solar Proposals VIEW
Drive Your Projects from Qualification through Delivery with SunPower’s Digital Apps VIEW
Integrated Marketing Tactics to Drive More Leads VIEW

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Thank you for helping us change the way our world is powered!

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