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SunPower Shares Jump Over 115% In 1st Half of 2019... Intelligence Firms Forecast Substantial Growth for Solar... Webinar: The Next Generation of Helix® Storage Solutions...

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SunPower Shares Jump over 115% in 1st Half of 2019

The Motley Fool reported that shares of SunPower jumped a “whopping” 115.1% in the first half of this year.

The publication also references scale, technology improvements, and operational optimizations as drivers for our anticipated even stronger performance in the second half of 2019.

Read the full article here.

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New Video: ITC for Higher Education

Image hyperlinked to video describedServe the Higher Ed market? Then you’ll want to check out this recently released SunPower video explaining how colleges and universities can take advantage of the Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) before it steps down in 2020.

Use it to prompt your Higher Education prospects to action and help them understand how the impending step-down could negatively affect them—even if they’re not planning to buy a system. Watch it now.  

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SunPower’s Policy Team Is Working for You

Ad linking to the Solar Bill of RightsSunPower’s experienced Policy Advocacy Team partners with trade associations and other allies to grow and defend solar markets across the US to the benefit of everyone in our industry. 

This month we’re asking our California Dealers to take action by telling their state lawmakers that any utility wildfire prevention plan must include the following critical protections for solar customers:

  • The right to generate and store solar energy without interference from the utility
  • The ability to connect to the grid quickly and without red tape
  • The avoidance of discriminatory fees

Take 45 seconds to contact your state legislator, and then share the link with your customers, colleagues, and social networks as well. 

Join us in helping to ensure the US solar industry stays safe and healthy—and keeps growing. 

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Intelligence Firms Forecast Substantial Growth for Solar

Green stock ticker pointing upAccording to Wood Mackenzie’s recently published Q1 2019 US Solar Market Insight Report, the US solar market installed systems totaling 2.7 GW—the largest Q1 ever recorded. There are now over 2 million installations across the country, just three years after the 1 million installation milestone was hit. The report forecasts 25% YoY growth in the US market in 2019, expecting more than 13 GW of new installations. 

There are now over 2 million installations across the country, just three years after the 1 million installation milestone was hit.

Bloomberg New Energy Finance’s New Energy Outlook 2050 forecasts that in the US, solar energy’s share of generation capacity will grow to 40% by 2050 in comparison to only 6% today. Distributed generation systems alone will expand to more than 180 GW by 2050, up from 28 GW today. That’s growth of over 540%!

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Two New Features Now Available in the Portal

1. Submit Construction Financing Program (CFP) Applications for Existing Orders

Credit Readiness screen grabYou can now submit applications for existing orders to SunPower’s Construction Financing Program directly through the Portal. 

It’s fast and also enables you to view the status of an application that’s been submitted. If approved, you’ll be able to track milestone payments through the order timeline. 

Our Quick Start Guide provides more information and will get you up to speed fast.

2. Create Multiple Opportunities from One Account Page

In order to improve tracking of portfolio projects, you are now able to create multiple opportunities for the same account directly from an account page.

Contact your RSM or ISM for more details.

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Announcing the Next Generation of Helix® Storage

We’re excited to introduce the next generation of SunPower’s complete energy storage solution: Helix Storage. 

Like all Helix systems, Helix Storage delivers a simple, turnkey solution that’s holistically developed to reduce your soft costs and deliver peace of mind—for you and your customers. 

This newest iteration of our Helix Storage solution features smaller-capacity options—in addition to other exciting improvements—that will help your dealership take advantage of the growing opportunities available within the energy storage market. 

Join us next week, Thursday, August 1st, for our Next-Generation Helix Storage Solutions Webinar to learn about the details and hear how Helix Storage can help you close more, and bigger deals. Register today!

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Your Chance to Make This Publication Better

Cell phone screen showing Feedback Request formWe’re always looking to improve the content we develop for you. This monthly Commercial Dealer Update newsletter is an important way for us to relay the most timely, helpful, and (hopefully) engaging information. 

To make it as good as it can be, we’re hoping you’ll spend four minutes (while in line for coffee?) to answer a handful of brief questions.

Your participation is not only very much appreciated, it will also help us make this publication as beneficial for you as possible. So please provide your feedback


The SunPower Commercial Marketing Team

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The Art and Science of Driving More Leads

Did you know that nurtured leads produce 20% more sales opportunities than leads that aren’t? In fact, companies that excel at lead nurturing generate 50% more leads at 33% lower cost.

What’s the secret? Integrated Marketing. Utilizing at least a couple of Integrated Marketing tactics will increase your dealership’s odds of reaching your prospects where and when they’re ready to talk to you. It’s a fascinating mashup of both art and science…and we want to show you how it’s done. 

SunPower Integrated Marketing Expert, Christie McCarthy, performed an encore of her popular Dealer Conference presentation—Integrated Marketing Tactics to Drive More Leads—in a recent SunPower webinar, which we’ve recorded and are making available to you. 

Check it out today to learn the ins and outs of Integrated Marketing. It can be another impactful addition to your company’s toolkit for generating and closing more leads. 

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Dealer viewing webinar on laptop screenSunPower continues to innovate our solar energy and storage solutions to meet your customers’ requirements and help you drive more business. 

Our next webinar will explain the exciting improvements to Helix® Storage, including new smaller-capacity options that can bring significant cost savings to commercial solar and storage projects.

  • Next-Generation Helix Storage Solutions
    Thursday, August 1st at 11:00 a.m. PT

Be sure to bring your questions, as we will have a Q&A session at the end of the presentation. Register today!

If you can’t make it, don’t worry. This webinar will be recorded and catalogued in SunPower University. Here are our latest sessions, currently available on-demand:

Standardized Helix Carports Get Competitive! VIEW
Add Value to Your Proposal by Highlighting SunPower’s EnergyLink Monitoring Software VIEW
Commercial Financing Options for Your Projects VIEW
Helix Storage—Finding the Best Opportunities to Increase Your Customer’s Electricity Savings VIEW
Improvements to the Helix Roof Offering (Module, Inverter, and MLSD options) VIEW
Construction Financing ProgramPlacing Your Commercial Order without Credit Impact VIEW
Helix Design Studio for Your Internal Design Teams—Now Including Helix Carport Quick Layouts! VIEW
Using Energy Toolbase to Prepare Your Commercial Solar Proposals VIEW
Drive Your Projects from Qualification through Delivery with SunPower’s Digital Apps VIEW
Integrated Marketing Tactics to Drive More Leads VIEW
ITC Step-Down for Commercial Projects VIEW

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Helix® Roof Onsite Installation Training

Don’t take our word for it. Hear from someone who’s attended: 

Workers installing Helix Roof


"The Onsite Helix Installation Training is a must! It really jump-started the project. We were able to get questions answered on the spot and immediately start solving real-world issues."

Andrew Hoesly
Solar Forward, a SunPower Elite Dealer


This onsite, instructor-led training will give you and your crew hands-on experience with our Helix Roof solution. You’ll be exposed to all aspects—including system components and installation best practices—to help ensure a safe, efficient build. 

Project management, design interpretation, roof layout, mounting system installation, ballasting, array wiring, module installation, power station installation and wiring, system commissioning, monitoring, and O&M—all covered in meticulous real-world detail. In addition, we’ll review the NEC codes and certifications relevant to Helix Roof, as well as any project-specific considerations. 

Enroll today by contacting your RSM or logging into SunPower University.

  • Maximum number of attendees: 15
  • Cost: $1495 for the 1-day course or $2495 for the 2-day course
  • Dealer Program Funds accepted

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Additional Courses Available

SunPower® Commercial Sales Workshop

Our in-depth Commercial Sales Workshop will build your knowledge and hone your selling skills—enabling you to close deals faster and more frequently. 

These live training sessions are led by SunPower Regional Sales Managers. You’ll learn how to better qualify leads, form a commercial sales strategy, overcome objections, build winning proposals, and more.

Classroom sessions are offered in these locations:

August 20–21 SunPower Offices, Richmond, CA Dave Larson, Regional Sales Manager ENROLL
October 8–9 New Brunswick, NJ Peter Braun, Regional Sales Manager ENROLL
October 16–17 Waikiki, HI Dave Larson, Regional Sales Manager ENROLL


"Great key points that focus on letting the business owner feel they are getting a great product and professional installation."
- SunPower Dealer Attendee -


Winning Customer Conversations

The system and techniques taught in this course will change your approach, language, and writing while elevating the quality and effectiveness of your customer interactions.

This 1-day class includes interactive exercises with coaching, workbook, and reference cards on the techniques, and an 8-week online coaching program.

Cost: $995 per person per class

September 17 Glastonbury, CT ENROLL
September 27 Salt Lake City, UT ENROLL

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Thank you for helping us change the way our world is powered!

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