August 2019 Commercial Dealer Update


SunPower Partners with GRID Alternatives to Provide Free Solar... New Helix® Storage Offering Answers Your Requests... Check Your Account for Newly Earned Dealer Program Funds...

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SunPower Partners with GRID Alternatives to Provide Free Solar Energy

GRID Alternatives Central Valley helps low-income families save money by going solar. They also support local community volunteers, job trainees, and job seekers with hands-on solar experience by installing systems in California’s Central Valley neighborhoods. Since 2009, they’ve helped over 900 low-income families go solar.

More broadly, SunPower’s partnership with GRID Alternatives—which not only serves families throughout California, but also Colorado, the Mid-Atlantic, and tribal communities nationwide—has resulted in the installation of over 400 systems, and an estimated $12 million in lifetime family savings. 

SunPower recently had the opportunity to partner with GRID Alternatives Central Valley to provide free solar for homes in the Visalia and Ivanhoe communities. 

Watch the short news story here.

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The US Commercial Market Leader, Leading by Example

We recently updated the SunPower® Sustainability Highlights infographic. It provides an at-a-glance overview of how SunPower is committed to making a positive impact on the environment and the communities in which we work. 

More and more people—in their personal lives as well as at work—are insisting the companies they do business with act as responsible inhabitants of the planet. Use this infographic to show your customers how they’re supporting sustainability when choosing a SunPower commercial solar solution.

Download and share the new infographic today.

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Industry Insights Section Header

Big Policy Wins on the East Coast

It’s definitely not all bad news when it comes to the US government and environmental responsibility. This month we’re highlighting three major policy victories along the Northeastern Seaboard:

  • Maine recently reversed eight years of anti-solar policies by passing legislation to restore and improve net metering. These policies—which include increasing the net metering system size cap to 5 MW, allowing all forms of third-party ownership, and property tax exemptions—were championed by the new governor, Janet Mills. Governor Mills also signed legislation establishing a new 375 MW Feed-in Tariff program for commercial and community solar projects and expanding Maine’s renewable energy standard to 80% by 2030.
  • Connecticut restored net metering for distributed solar with legislation that became law in June. This bill, HB 5002, also extended the commercial solar program by two years. SunPower led a coalition of over 50 organizations to move state solar policy in a positive direction. Thanks to all the vocal and active involvement of our local Dealers who helped support this effort!
  • The Maryland legislature took a major step forward by expanding its renewable energy standard to 50% by 2030. Importantly, the bill includes a requirement for 14.5% from in-state solar systems by 2028. This is expected to increase pricing for Solar Renewable Energy Credit (SREC)s, a key incentive for solar energy projects in the state.

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Join the Campaign for ITC Extension

Perhaps the easiest way to deal with the anticipated disruption and complexities of the upcoming federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) step-down is to not have to think about it at all.  

Our national trade association, SEIA (Solar Energy Industries Association), just launched a new campaign to extend the ITC by five years, and needs your help. 

Contact your members of Congress and show local support for ITC extension legislation!

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Want to Help Influence Markets in Your Favor?

Capital buildingIf you’re looking to get more involved in shaping your local solar policy but don’t know how, let us know through your RSM. Our experienced policy advocacy team partners with organizations at the federal and state levels to expand the US solar market. In addition to sharing our insights, we can provide direction and more than likely connect you with a local solar trade association. To learn more, contact your RSM today. 

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Dealer Spotlight Section Header

Cape Fear Solar Systems Helps Live Oak Bank Walk the Talk

Congratulations to SunPower Combo Dealer, Cape Fear Solar Systems, which recently completed a 100 kW retrofit rooftop project for Live Oak Bank. 

Live Oak Bank is a well-regarded business that’s been a fixture in the Wilmington, NC community. They selected Cape Fear Solar Systems to help them achieve their goals of both reducing energy costs and making the bank’s day-to-day operations more sustainable. Live Oak manages a lot of solar loan financing, so they wanted to “walk the talk” by adding a system to their own headquarters.

Mission accomplished. In addition to doubling down on their already quite impressive commitment to corporate social responsibility, Live Oak Bank is projected to save over $26,000 annually based on current energy prices. They were also able to take advantage of the federal ITC and rebate through Duke Energy.

Watch the video or read more about Cape Fear and the project here

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Products & Solutions Section Header

New Helix® Storage Offering Answers Your Requests

We heard you. You want to be more competitive, save customers even more money, close more deals, and enable more renewable energy on the grid. 

When it comes to energy storage, you told us you wanted a 20-year solution and reduced-capacity options. And you also let us know your customers are asking about standby power. 

Enter the new Helix Storage system solutions. 

In a webinar that launched our new lineup earlier this month, we addressed all of these topics and more. If you weren’t able to attend, you can still view the recording to get a clear understanding of how Helix Storage provides an end-to-end energy storage solution that works synergistically with solar. It further lowers your customers’ electricity costs, provides peace of mind, and—quite possibly best of all—shows proof of the actual value delivered via our monthly Savings Reports. 

There’s a growing storage market out there, and we believe the new Helix Storage lineup provides you with the right solutions you need to get your share. 

Contact your RSM for more information or visit the updated Helix Storage documentation page on the Portal.

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Marketing Power Section Header

Check Your Account for Newly Earned Dealer Program Funds 

Did you have a great first half of the year? If so, your efforts have more than likely resulted in the accrual of Commercial Dealer Program Funds (DPF)—which reached applicable Dealer accounts earlier this month.

Be sure to take advantage of your DPF. You can use these funds in a wide variety of ways to grow your business, such as SunPower® training, promotional items, collateral, content development, and more. For guidance on approved ways to use your funds, reference the SunPower Commercial Branding and Co-Marketing Guidelines.

Check your DPF balance and view claims here. If you need your login information, email

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Reminder: Please Share Your Opinion

We want to extent a heartfelt thanks to those who provided feedback about this monthly Commercial Dealer Update newsletter as a result of last issue’s request. 

We’re keeping the online form open a few more days with the hope that more of you will find the time to chime in. Your input is invaluable to us. 


The SunPower Commercial Marketing Team

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Demand Charges: An Energy Storage Ice Breaker

Not sure where to begin the conversation with prospects when it comes to energy storage? Consider starting with the topic of utility demand charges

As one of the primary reasons why storage makes sense for many organizations, demand charges—and how much companies pay for them—make a great platform on which to build a case for energy storage.

Use this SunPower® Business Feed article to make sure your prospects understand demand charges and how they can be reduced. Then explain how you, with the help of Helix® Storage, can help your prospects save money.  

To understand how you can leverage Business Feed content to support your marketing efforts, check out the usage guidelines in the Marketing Resource Center.

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Advanced Selling for Commercial Professionals Debuts!

As you know, selling into the commercial solar market is complex. And Dealers who attended our popular Winning Customer Conversations class have asked for more tactical training to build their sales teams’ skills. 

SunPower responded and is now offering the next course in our sales curriculum called Advanced Selling for Commercial Professionals. Also taught by Joe Thomas, this course will debut in New Haven, CT on September 18. ENROLL

Building on the prerequisite classes of Commercial Sales Workshop and Winning Customer Conversations, the new Advanced Selling for Commercial Professionals offers techniques you can immediately apply to:

  • Discover potential negotiation points prior to closing
  • Guide customer conversations to expose buying motives
  • Build buyer confidence and speed up decision making
  • Effectively ask for the “Close”

Never attended any SunPower Commercial sales classes or webinars? Sign up for one of the events listed below and discover how other Dealers have changed their sales approach to win! You can even use your DPF funds!

Sept. 17 Winning Customer Conversations New Haven, CT Joe Thomas ENROLL
Sept. 18 Advanced Selling for Commercial Professionals New Haven, CT Joe Thomas ENROLL
Sept. 19 Helix Product Lineup for 2020 Webinar @ 11am PDT SunPower Product Managers REGISTER

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Helix® Roof Onsite Installation Training

This onsite, instructor-led training will give you and your crew hands-on experience with our Helix Roof solution. You’ll be exposed to all aspects—including system components and installation best practices—to help ensure a safe, efficient build. 

Project management, design interpretation, roof layout, mounting system installation, ballasting, array wiring, module installation, power station installation and wiring, system commissioning, monitoring, and O&M—it’s all covered in meticulous real-world detail. In addition, we’ll review the NEC codes and certifications relevant to Helix Roof, as well as any project-specific considerations. 

Enroll today by contacting your RSM or logging into SunPower University.

  • Maximum number of attendees: 15
  • Cost: $1495 for the 1-day course or $2495 for the 2-day course
  • Dealer Program Funds accepted

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Thank you for helping us change the way our world is powered!

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