April 2019 Commercial Dealer Update

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SunPower Led the US Solar Industry in 2018 for the Second Consecutive Year

SunPower continues to capture a large share of the distributed generation solar market. In the latest Wood Mackenzie US PV Leaderboard report, SunPower remains the #1 provider of commercial solar solutions for a second year running. This would not have been possible without the dedication and professionalism of the industry’s finest channel.

Thank you for your contributions to this achievement! Read the full press release.

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SunPower P-Series System Installed at Sub-Zero Group in Goodyear, AZ

Congratulations to Sun Valley Solar Solutions, a Chandler, Arizona-based SunPower Elite Dealer, who recently completed the installation of a 3.94 MW SunPower solar energy system for Sub-Zero Group, Inc. The system includes more than 11,000 ultra-reliable SunPower Performance Series modules and is expected to provide more than 30% of the facility’s total energy in its first year. In its first 30 years of production, it’s projected to avoid the carbon dioxide emissions equivalent to nearly 160 million pounds of coal burned.

“Solar is a long-term investment that will deliver meaningful benefits for decades to come. As a company, we are mindful of our energy consumption and are excited to demonstrate our commitment to a more balanced, sustainable future for our customers and their communities,” said Sara Northouse, sustainability project leader for Sub-Zero Group.

Read the full story here.

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Helix® Roof Systems Now Available in SunPower’s Online Ordering App

Commercial Dealers are now able to place a Helix Roof order online! After a Tier 2 design is delivered to you by our Design Team, you can navigate to the Orders tab, select Helix Roof, and then pick the design that you’d like to order.

For each Helix Roof order, you can instantly see the required bill of materials and the price of the system, as well as order spare parts. For more detailed instructions, please visit the Online Ordering page.

For any questions or feedback, please email PartnerPortal@sunpower.com

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SunPower Launches Sunny Tripower CORE1 Inverters for Commercial Projects

Just in time to replace the Tripower TL Series inverters, SunPower is pleased to launch the SMA Sunny Tripower CORE1 inverter for immediate use in your commercial projects. Choose from three versions rated at 33.3, 50.0, or 62.5 kWAC.

These inverters are available with Helix Roof systems and are the default inverter to specify when module-level shutdown (MLSD) compliance is required.

(Our SMA CORE1 offering replaces the Delta MLSD offering we announced in January.) The CORE1 inverters are available for online ordering either as part of a Helix Roof system or a la carte.

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Delta Inverters Are Still Available for Non-MLSD Projects

Delta inverters are available for systems not requiring MLSD compliance. Choose from the four versions rated at 39.7, 46.0, 66.0, or 83.0 kWAC. SunPower also offers three combiner boxes (12, 18, and 24 inputs) to pair with the Delta inverters. Sold a la carte or as part of a Helix Roof system, the Delta commercial inverter is a solid choice for many uses.

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Organization Is the Soul of Success

Wouldn’t it be great if you could:

  • Store and manage all your sales and marketing content in one place
  • Easily find what you need and send it to a customer on the spot
  • Access all the latest SunPower presentations, case studies, product materials, and guidelines

You can do all that and more with Showpad!

Sign up today for just $30/month per user license (automatically deducted from your DPF, or invoiced) by emailing marketing@sunpower.com. Please include:

  • Your company name
  • Dealer type (Commercial or Combo)
  • The email address of your company’s IT/email administrator
  • Name of your Commercial Regional Sales Manager
  • Name and email address for each user license you are requesting

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Lead Gen Tip: Stay in Touch with Your Prospects

Establish yourself as a trusted partner by sending brief and informative emails to your potential customers on a regular basis.

Find tons of plug-and-play educational content on the SunPower Business Feed. Our latest content includes:

Want to use the Business Feed in your social media? Check out the Usage Guidelines on Showpad or download them from the MRC.

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Dealer Marketing: Winning Example

We want to give a shout-out to RevoluSun for their fantastic piece, Does Picking the Right Panels Affect Your Investment? SunPower vs. LG.

In the B2B world, information is your greatest ally. Educating prospective customers on the nuances of efficiency, cells, temperature swings, degradation, and warranty will set you apart from the competition and win you more deals.

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Our SunPower Dealer Webinar Series provides you with information to generate leads, create winning proposals, design your customer solutions, and offer financial options that best meet your customers’ requirements. 

Discover how SunPower provides complete solutions to win deals, bring efficiency to your projects, and reduce your soft costs.

All webinars are hosted on Thursdays @ 11:00 a.m. PT.

Missed one? The following webinars are available on demand through SunPower University:


Standardized Helix Carports Get Competitive! VIEW
Add Value to Your Proposal by Highlighting SunPower’s EnergyLink Monitoring Software VIEW
Commercial Financing Options for Your Projects VIEW

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Commercial Sales Workshop—2019 Schedule

Applying best practices throughout the sales process and leveraging the skills needed to move your customer through the buying cycle are key to winning deals. Build knowledge and hone your talents through case studies, role playing, and other exercises during these live training sessions run by our Regional Sales Manager instructors. You’ll learn how to better qualify leads, form a commercial sales strategy, overcome objections, build a winning proposal, and more. Classroom sessions are offered in these locations:

August 20-21 SunPower Offices, Richmond, CA Dave Larson, Regional Sales Manager ENROLL
October 8-9 New Brunswick, NJ Peter Braun, Regional Sales Manager ENROLL

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Winning Customer Conversations

You may have heard the buzz about this new SunPower Sales Training, which we previewed at the 2019 Dealer Conference. Dealers who attended learned valuable techniques to both improve customer engagement and guide opportunities over the course of the buying cycle. Cost is $995 per person per class.

September 17 Glastonbury, CT ENROLL
September 27 Salt Lake City, UT ENROLL

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Helix® Roof Onsite Installation Training

Give yourself and your crew hands-on experience with our Helix Roof solution during this onsite, instructor-led training. You’ll be exposed to all aspects of Helix Roof—including system components and installation best practices—to ensure a safe, efficient build. Get project management, design interpretation, roof layout, mounting system installation, ballasting, array wiring, module installation, power station installation and wiring, system commissioning, monitoring, and O&M—all covered in meticulous real-world detail. In addition, we’ll review the NEC codes and certifications relevant to Helix Roof, as well as any project-specific considerations. Enroll today by contacting your RSM or logging into SunPower University!

  • Maximum number of attendees: 15
  • Cost is $1495 for the 1-day course or $2495 for the 2-day course
  • Use your Dealer Program Funds!

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Thank you for helping us change the way our world is powered!

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