Going completely green: How some big brands are moving to 100% renewable energy

December 6, 2016

Many companies using renewable energy are striving for 100 percentrecent Guardian article reports that many well-known companies using renewable energy are setting aggressive corporate sustainability goals for the energy they consume—some even committing to run their organizations entirely on renewables in just a handful of years.

Driven by declining prices—especially in the solar sector—large brands such as Walmart, Google, HP and IKEA are moving away from nonrenewable energy and setting relatively short-term goals of using only renewable sources.

From the article:

For corporations looking to accelerate their adoption of renewable power, this is a pivotal moment. The steady drop in price for renewable energy—solar alone has dipped more than 50% since 2008—means that renewables are an obvious and common approach to corporate sustainability. Several companies have noted the financial benefits as well: relying on renewable sources means they can worry less about the kind of energy price instability the fossil fuels markets can create, an effect they say will only grow as the renewables sector matures.

As the businesses individually work to reach their goals, an important factor to help ensure success seems to be the support of coalitions and initiatives that provide guidance and camaraderie. Among these initiatives:

With plenty of support, companies are finding that they can reach their goals faster and easier than ever before.


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