For IKEA, sustainable business practices are a “must do”

December 13, 2016



Ikea is a green business practices leaderDo sustainable business practices really matter? Steve Howard, Chief Sustainability Officer of IKEA Group, says they are not only important—they’re a “must do” for every business.

In this short (1:30) video, Mr. Howard outlines IKEA's belief that businesses should adopt green business behaviors and model responsible consumption in the face of an expanding population, scarce resources, and the “real and urgent” problem of climate change.

Understanding that commerce facilitates the lives and livelihood of practically everyone on our planet, Howard explains IKEA Group’s three-pronged, aspirational approach to being a truly sustainable business:

  • Help their customers live more sustainable lives
  • Strive to make their operations completely sustainable
  • Work to improve the lives of the people who make up their value chain

The video also highlights a statistic from the Natural Marketing Institute that says consumers are 58% more likely to choose brands that value sustainability. Ultimately, Mr. Howard believes that any company is better off by adopting sustainable business practices:  

“…you’re a stronger business if you’re a sustainable business. It’s as simple as that.”


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