Business and Climate Change: How Companies Are Taking the Lead on Sustainability

January 13, 2017

With a new administration in Washington comes new players and new policies. A recent article in TIME suggests new federal leadership appears to be poised to rescind or remove many of the nation’s environmental commitments leaving the question of how to reduce greenhouse gases up in the air. It goes on to say that new environmental leadership will need to come from a different source: private businesses. The link between business and climate change becomes necessary if environmental leadership at the federal level falters.

From the article:

“And it’s unlikely any messaging—from military, financial and medical experts—about the real security, economic or health risks associated with global warming and climate change will change their mind.”

According to the article, businesses are stepping in to fill this leadership void. It cites over 360 companies signing a statement last November urging elected US leaders to address climate change while also pledging to become carbon neutral companies in just 35 years. The triple bottom line of sustainable development for these businesses is proving to be socially, environmentally and financially profitable.

Also from the article:

“Companies realize it’s good for business—as the returns on investment are high with renewables, efficiencies and conservation—and stock performance has never been better.”

Integrating climate change and business strategy is not the complete answer to meeting carbon emission reduction goals, but it’s a significant step. And as the article observes, leading companies in alternative energy may be America’s best hope for the next four years for reducing greenhouse gases.

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