Corporate sustainability is the way to go

October 21, 2016

Businesses are pursuing sustainability in facilities managementTrying to find ways to hit your corporate sustainability goals and reduce costs at the same time? A recent survey tells us that many of your peers are considering lower-cost renewable energy solutions, such as solar power, to help them to do just that. 
With energy costs on the rise, facility managers who want affordable business energy solutions are finding that they can do both. This Environmental Leader article shows how facility managers are fighting rising energy costs and making an immediate impact by investing in corporate sustainability initiatives such as LED lighting upgrades, EMS/monitoring controls and distributed energy resources (DERs). 

From the article:

"Some key findings in the report indicate that as tracking and monitoring technologies advance, facility professionals are looking at ways to leverage site and asset-level data to help uncover low-cost efficiency initiatives. Some 53% of surveyed facility managers named the identification of low/no-cost efficiency efforts priority number one for 2016."

Learn more about the cost-effectiveness of corporate sustainability initiatives

You can also investigate whether solar—an investment in sustainability which many businesses are discovering can save them money—is right for you by checking out: The advantages and disadvantages of businesses going solar.


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